From An Acorn To An Oak Tree Ps. 92:12

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With the assistance of grants and donations from our partner(s) and friend(s), our foundation will dedicate it’s time to give these children the resources they need to succeed.

At Ane Osiobe International Foundation, we don’t believe in pressuring people to donate; but we do believe in asking you to stretch your faith in giving, and let’s join hands in building a better Nigeria. In compliance with the SCUML ML(P) Act 2004 and the SCUML ML(P) Act 2011 the Ane Osiobe International Foundation wishes to inform all stakeholders that the foundation does not send our members to solicit cash donations. All donations should be conducted per the foundation’s guiding principles, website, and partnering financial intuitions (Paypal, Guaranty Trust Bank, and Utako Microfinance Bank).

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