From An Acorn To An Oak Tree Ps. 92:12

Ane Osiobe Health and Nutrition

At Ane Osiobe Health & Nutrition (H & N), we see ourselves as the Smile of God.

                                                                                                          -----Nyore E. Osiobe



At Ane Osiobe H & N we are determined in challenging the modus operandi of the Health and Nutrition industry in Nigeria. The way we do this, is by being the smile of God in our local communities and the city of Abuja. We intend to achieve this, by working with local farms, healthcare practitioners and letting the invisible hand of the market create spillovers that will foster growth and development in the health and nutrition industry in Nigeria.


Ane Osiobe H & N is dedicated to advocating and advancing the missions and visions of the Nigerian Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (FMARD) and the Nigerian Federal Ministry of Health. By supporting and facilitating the agricultural sector and advocating policies that will strengthen the Nigerian healthcare system for an efficient, accessible, and affordable delivery of healthcare services in the rural areas.



At H & N, we envision a Nigeria in which the researchers, innovators, health practitioners, and aggie scholars cultivate an environment in which R & D dispense from the city of Abuja across the globe. H & N will serve as a private-NGO food bank that mobilizes public-private partnerships and provides financial, emotional, and technical support to deliver nutritious foods to those people most at risk of malnutrition. Our programs in Africa will ensure better diets through nutritional organic grown produce.


Other H & N programs will include:


  • Creating an Environment for Emotional and Social Well-Being: H & N intends to advocate for safe spaces and promote a healthy pycho-social environment.


  • Malaria Prevention and Control: H & N would be involved in advocating for malaria prevention and control in schools.


  • Violence Prevention: H & N would be involved in advocating against violence and use of offensive words in schools.


Ane Osiobe Altruism Farm:

The altruism farm was established to support the feeding of students at the Special Needs School (Abuja School for the Blind) located in Jabi, FCT, Nigeria. The farm is located at Gwagwalada CKC district.