From An Acorn To An Oak Tree Ps. 92:12

About Us

With the current economic condition in Nigeria, the middle-class families tend to be gradually disappearing due to inequality in the distribution of the nation’s natural resources.

These families, "middle-class families" are over-qualified for a better life in the

country, given the fact that they have contributed directly or indirectly to the development and recognition of our nation. However, they wake up to discover that the basic qualities to give their children a better life and a comparative or competitive advantage with their peers round the world has been taken from them or, the fee are too expensive for them.

With the assistance of grants and donations, our foundation will dedicate it’s time to give these children the resources they need in order to ensure that individuals and children in need are taken care of in a timely manner.



Our Goal:
Our goal is to reachout to different regions and small communities in Africa and help those who truly are in need.