From An Acorn To An Oak Tree Ps. 92:12

November 15th, 2018 Outreach Welcome Address:

by: Jessy E Ante

Good morning ladies and gentlemen It gives me immense pleasure to be hosting the second 2018 outreach of the Ane Osiobe International Foundation. Madam Vice President, Principal, Vice Principal (admin and academic), staff, and students. On behalf of our Founders and President, we’re grateful to share this moment with you.


We’re honored to be at the L.E.A. Pilot Science Primary School—Special Education Resource Centre, Gwagwalada, FCT, Nigeria. Often, in our communities, children with special needs have been set apart and excluded, they’ve been made to feel that they have nothing to contribute to society, let alone their families. At our foundation, we realize that empathy is one of the measures of how societies treat their members.


Acknowledging that every child has something unique to contribute to their community and the world if given the chance. Ane Osiobe International Foundation wants all children regardless of their circumstances in life, to achieve their full potentials and contribute to the growth and development of Nigeria. Being physical challenged maybe seen as something that could pose severe limitation(s) in life to the soft-hearted but not so, for the Lionheart, “whose face is marred by dust, sweat, and blood; who strived valiantly; who errs, who comes again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming, but who knows great enthusiasm” (Teddy Roosevelt) with the unflinching will to succeed and triumph in life. What makes the difference is the mindset. No man can rise above his thoughts.


At Ane Osiobe International Foundation we believe that education is a basic human right (Dr. S.A. Osiobe) and we strive to encourage and support Nigerian children to achieve their educational dreams. Our goal is to branch out to different communities in Africa and help those who genuinely are in need and our vision as a foundation is to provide a suitable program that spreads the gift of hope to our country. Hence, our focus is to provide these kids who have potentials with opportunities that level the playing field. We help them meet their goals and provide them with positive experiences not limited to supporting the educational advancement and supporting a child who has the desire to getting a sound education.


After the distribution of the back to school materials today, don’t hesitate to tell others about what we do and what is still to come.


To all people, no matter the circumstances of life, it always gladdens the heart, to realize that there is someone out there that cares and willing to lend a helping hand. On behalf of the foundation, I am pleased to declare this outreach open. I hope you have an enriching moment ahead. Thanks for coming.


Today’s outreach,  in the Special Education Resource, L. E. A Pilot Science Primary School Gwagwalada, FCT, Nigeria is to encourage the pupils and tell them that we care. We believe that you can make it and rise high in society. Keep your spirit high and stay on the positive side of life.



Ane Osiobe Int. Fdn.

God Bless!!