From An Acorn To An Oak Tree Ps. 92:12


by: Oluwatosin Omusi Adesina

Every human on the surface of the earth is a moving and breathing gold mine, and everyone was made with a reservoir of treasures. These treasures are hidden, but they need to be discovered, sharpened, and channeled in the right direction and utilized for the benefit of the society. Education is that tool which helps in bringing that to reality. Education helps us improve and develop what is in us, or we consider appropriate, it initiates a positive paradigm shift and builds upon the excellent legacy of our heroes past all in the bid to leave the world better than we met it.


As our founder would always say “Engagement comes with knowledge, and knowledge comes through education.”--- Ejiro U. Osiobe.



Lots of people think education is about depositing knowledge into people alone, but I would say that education helps people in discovering the treasures in them and giving them the right information on how to utilize and channel the treasures in solving problems (personal, financial, national, emotional, ethical), etc.


“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”-­­­--Madiba Rolihlahla Nelson Mandela.


Education can be passed across via any means example, via clothing. Many scientists have proven that there is such a phenomenon known as the Enclothed Cognition Theory (ECT). The theory is known as the effects of clothing on cognitive processes. The ECT is the bedrock of the famous saying dress the way you want to be addressed. The way one dresses for an occasion can have a positive or negative relationship with one's likeableness. Albright, Kenny, and Malloy, (1988) said that clothing influences the impressions of others while Hannover and Kuhen, (2002) went further to say that one’s clothing can influence self- perception. Although findings of the enclothed cognition are from laboratory studies that may not have been proven in the real world, research suggests that there is a biological situation that happens when we put on a particular outfit that someone finds to be attractive.


  Mauve hub a Nigerian clothing brand who understands that positive words spoken or written at an early age to children positively influence their development.  Mauve hub has chosen to engage in educating the minds of kids via clothes and has decided to embark on this journey with Ane Tree, a Nigerian clothing line, which is an arm of the Ane Osiobe International Foundation.


This partnership, allows both companies to become better and also achieve their goals hence the reason for this unique partnership. Both companies have decided to come together in the true spirit of partnership and engage in contributing their quota in achieving the sustainable development goals by providing quality education and decent work which leads to economic growth and development in the city of Abuja and Nigeria.


It is safe to say that this is strategic timing. All these will happen under the big umbrella of Ane Osiobe International Foundation. It is the belief of the Foundation that “In Africa, education is a basic human right and no one should forego education because of the cost.” ---Dr. S. A. Osiobe.