From An Acorn To An Oak Tree Ps. 92:12

The Altruism Farm

by: Efe Osayande

The Altruism Farm:


What comes to your mind when you hear the word farm? Some envision a low rural life with a per capita income below the city/country’s average. Others picture being under the hot sun, dust, getting blisters because it’s a high labor-intensive/heavy lifting work environment, even when it’s a mechanized farm. While some view it as a tradition, a sense of community, and life-sustaining industry “without our farms, we won’t have food.” 


What comes, to my mind, you ask?  Fond memories. 


Some of the earliest memories from my childhood are unfurled from the numerous times I spent on my mother's farm. She farmed conventional crops such as corn, vegetables, and groundnut. Growing up, my siblings and I craved the experience of going to the farm which happened only once or twice during the holidays. We'd have breakfast at the farm, and after a 30minutes rest, we'd head out to the backyard for work. The most satisfying and beautiful thing is seeing it yield good fruits - though of course, it was only for our consumption.


Ane Osiobe Altruism farm will be a mechanized farm with the aim to cultivate cassava and rear fish in a sustainable organic manner. Part of our harvest will be sent to the Special Needs School at Jabi, FCT, Nigeria and our surplus will be sold at the local Gwagwalada farm’s market.



The kick-off of this brilliant idea was on the 3rd day of March 2018 at CKC district, Gwagwalada, FCT, Nigeria. As you go about your daily life, remember the words of Ashely Mannerath "to meet today's environmental and social challenges, to feed a growing population, we need everyone to be engaged and be ready to roll up their sleeves."