From An Acorn To An Oak Tree Ps. 92:12

What Comes Next

by: Efe Osayande

Have you ever given a thought to what your life would be like if you were born as someone else? A different nationality, religion, social ethics, and status, in an environment where the thought of getting a formal education is the last thing on one's mind? Well, I have.


The thoughts of those that have been dealt a hand in life brought about the establishment of a remarkable Non-governmental organization (NGO) called Ane Osiobe International Foundation. Under the leadership of Dr. S.A. Osiobe, the foundation’s focus is to provide underprivileged kids who have potential, with opportunities that level the playing field. At Ane Osiobe International Foundation, Our mission is to increase public understanding of the benefits of supporting educational advancement and supporting a child who has the desire in getting a sound education.


We intend fighting these issues through cultural and harmonious “approaches, including but not limited to parent education on the benefits of investing in their child's education, providing educational scholarships, grants, community outreach and campaigns” that will help the children meet their goals and provide them with positive experiences.


We all think about helping people in little ways by getting a co-worker a cup of tea in the morning, helping a friend with an assignment, driving a stranger in your city to the grocery store, because “there but for the grace of God go I” John Bradford [But by the grace of God I am what I am] 1 Corinthians 15:10. At Ane Osiobe International foundation, we believe that “Education in Africa, is a basic human right.” Dr. S.A. Osiobe and “Engagement comes with knowledge, and knowledge comes through educationJiji E. U. Osiobe. No one should ever forgo education because of the cost. We all have the power to help.


In most societies today, it is common knowledge that education is the key to a sustainable economic development path and there is need to maintain every level of education especially the early childhood stage which is the bedrock upon which all other educational levels build.


We solicit your help through donation(s) in any way, in helping Ane Osiobe International Foundation reach our goals and Vision.



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