From An Acorn To An Oak Tree Ps. 92:12

Opening Address by the President (June 28th, 2017 Outreach, at the Government School for the Blind, Jabi, Abuja Nigeria.

by: Stephen A. Osiobe, Ph.D.


Success, greatness and happiness are fruits of the creative and unfettered mind. Physical challenges can pose serious limitations in life to the weak at heart but I wish to remind us that the greatest limitation is from the mind. You cannot rise beyond what you think you can.

When I see all of you, I see brave, young and fast learners whose wings can cleave the skies like the eagles’. You remind me of a choir, that takes cue(s) from the conductor or in your case cue(s) from the atmosphere; how the wind blows, the temperature, the sweet fragrance of flowers, peoples’ voices, and your amazing painstaking brain that remembers every one of these cue(s).


At Ane Osiobe International Foundation, when we think about this school, we ask ourselves: how can we help, what can we do to improve the living standard and learning experience of the students. Our gesture of providing school uniform to all the pupils is one step. Our vision is that of providing a sustainable gift economy. The Ane Osiobe Altruism Farm is one way through which the Foundation hopes to build momentum in the gift economy we’re building. The Foundation is still at the stage of feasibility study and our team of experts in the USA is still working on the project (Joy Chinaza Enyinnaya and Jiji Ejiro Uriri Osiobe). As we plan our future and present projects, the Foundation will name them Edison’s because we’re willing to try a thousand times just to make our models work.


I want you kids to know that you’re blessed, prosperous and children of the most-high God. As you journey on in life, let the following famous legends, who in circumstances similar to yours, rose beyond the limitations of physical challenge to become world famous: Stevie Wonder (a musical icon), Omokor-Mokor (a musical icon in Urhobo land, Delta State, of blessed memory), Cobhan Asuquo ( an Efik musical icon and CEO/Head of Productions of CAMP ), Dana Elcar (a famous TV series  and film actor),  Ray Charles (a musical icon of blessed memory) and David  Peterson, who though partially blind, rose to become the governor of New York State.


 I urge you to think big, dream big and believe in yourself and the abundant grace of God and you will surely make it.


Thank you and God Bless.