Ane Tree
A Brand for Every Season





 Ane Tree is a subsidiary department of Ane Osiobe International Foundation that is founded on the philosophy where socially responsible work conditions, and environmentally friendly practices are not just trends, but a way of life. The clothing department is a natural clothing company with a pure ideology—to design and make beautiful, timeless fashion while caring for our environment.


 Ane Tree is a socially conscious fashion and lifestyle brand dedicated to empowering the people of Nigeria through its designs. We believe in using sustainable materials like organic and recycled cotton to create our products. With our partnership with the ChallieBongo Clothing company and Mauve Hub, the department is able to produce women's and men's organic cotton clothing, bamboo clothing and hemp clothing.


Ane Tree is all about transparency. With our due diligence practices, we try our best to work with eco-friendly factories around the world. At Ane Tree, we believe our customers have the right to know what our products cost to make and where they are made. Like our food, it is easy for one to forget where and how our clothing are made. Ane Tree, is committed to using quality organic cotton and the profit from our sales, will be used to empower local communities around us, women empowerment movement(s), and other NGOs that promote social justice in the city of Abuja, Nigeria.


All our products are produced with sustainable materials and processes.